I Made An Agreement With My Eyes

16 If I denied the desires of the poor, or if I tired the eyes of the widow,17 if I kept my bread to myself, when I did not share my bread with the fatherless (AK), 18 but from my youth I raised them as a father would, and from birth I guided the widow (AL),19 If I had seen someone perish for lack of clothes. (AM) or the needy without clothes,20 and their hearts did not bless me (AO) to warm them with the fleece (AP) of my sheep,21 if I raised my hand against the fatherless (AQ) knowing that I had influence in court,22 so drop my arm from the shoulder, drop it to the joint. 23 For I feared the destruction of God, and I could not do such things for fear of His glory. (AV) Verses 1-8 Job did not speak the things recorded here by bragging, but in response to accusations of hypocrisy. He understood the spiritual nature of God`s commandments to attain the thoughts and intentions of the heart. It is better to let our actions speak for us; but in some cases we owe it to ourselves and to God`s cause, solemnly, to protect our innocence from the crimes wrongly accused of us. The lusts of the flesh and the love of the world are two fatal rocks on which the crowd divides; Against these protests, he has always been anxious to be on his guard. And God takes us into consideration more than we ourselves; Therefore, let us go with caution. He carefully avoided all sinful means to obtain wealth. He feared all forbidden profits as much as all forbidden pleasures. What we have in the world can be used with comfort, or with lost comfort so honestly. Without strict honesty and fidelity in all our affairs, we cannot have good proof of true divinity.

But how many teachers are not able to hold this touchstone! 5 If I went into a lie, or if my foot has rushed after deception (J) – 6 God will weigh me in honest scales, and he knows that I am blameless (M)7, if my steps have turned away from the path, (N) when my heart has been led by my eyes, or if my hands have been soiled, (P)8] what I have sown (Q) and my crops will be uprooted. (R) Proverbs 4:25 Make your eyes see directly, and let your eyelids look right in front of you. Job 31:1 (NIRV) “I agreed with my eyes.