Interim Custody Agreement

You must file a report before the hearing. This is a folder containing copies of all documents relating to the intermediate application. There are specific requirements that are set out in the Supreme Court rules on how this material is organized. As a final custody decision, a temporary custody order can determine which parent will have physical or legal custody of a child and whether the parents shared custody or whether a parent has sole custody, and can set a timetable for the date on which each parent has custody of the child. If you are able to agree on things during a CCM, the judge can issue an injunction and you do not have to ask for it. If parents are unable to obtain a permanent custody agreement, it is common for a judge to accept the temporary agreement and make a permanent order. The judge will consider the fact that your child has been following the temporary agreement for some time and may wish to continue the temporary schedule. Contracting parties may accept temporary interim custody by implementing an interim agreement that will be approved by both parties. However, if you and your spouse are unable to agree on temporary custody, you can apply to the court for an injunction. In addition to the interim time between the filing of child care and the granting of a final decision on custody of the children, other scenarios requiring a temporary decision on custody may arise. If a parent is temporarily unable to care for a child due to circumstances of illness or prolonged work obligations, a parent may apply to the court for an injunction to redefine custody of each parent until both parents are able to meet their custody obligations again. Temporary orders may also be made when a parent is in the military and is unable to exercise their temporary custody due to an operation. In cases where a child`s health or safety is at risk, an immediate order may be required to protect the child.

In such cases, a parent or guardian may require a court to issue an injunction to remove the child from immediate harm. It is generally preferable for both parents to be able to work together to reach an agreement on the parent`s plan. As long as the agreement is in the best interests of the child, the judge will generally sign the agreement and the parents will not have to make arguments at a trial.