Mitote Meaning The Four Agreements

These four agreements will give us the tools we need to create a new dream that is healthy and positive. This book is a classic! No wonder he was loved by many, and now I`m one of his lovers. I like how simple, profound and concise the teachings are presented. Don Miguel Ruiz did his best to question every word. This is already the first and fourth collusion in action. Go to the conference. In this summary, we will discuss in detail each of the new agreements and then discuss how to dismantle the old agreements. Today, the word of Mexicans is used casually in phrases such as: “Qué mitote se traen esos gueyes de la fiesta!” (What a thug caused these parties!) Or “Hubo mitote en el ayuntamiento ayer” (Yesterday, there was a scandal at the town hall meeting). As a language student, you probably won`t use that word often, but if you spend time around Mexicans, it`s helpful to understand it. And if you want to impress, drop the conversation the next time there`s a “voice cacophony” in your head…

wow, this contribution looks like a great springboard for “four chords” to me, and it is highly appreciated because we are strongly integrated into this external dream, our personal dream is also dominated by fear. The chords and beliefs we store in our minds prevent us from seeing the truth – that justice, beauty, joy and freedom can be our personal dream In his famous book “The Four Accords”, author Don Miguel Ruz describes “Mitote” as the “cacophony of voices” in his head. It uses the word to describe the conflict or chaos created by a person`s own mind. The Aztecs applied this term to their wild and often chaotic war dances, which often foreshadowed or recalled periods of great upheaval. Agreements are essentially the assumptions we have believed from an early age. These agreements have built a symbolic house of cards that must be toppled. Ruiz begs us to dissociate ourselves from these agreements and start from scratch (later). Once we have broken all of our previous agreements, we will be free to change our entire system of agreements and start with four new agreements, which are essentially four fundamental principles. These principles were born from the ancient wisdom of Toltec, but they have multiplied in other cultures and religions. Your whole mind is a fog that the Toltecs called a mitote (pronounced MIH-TOE – TAY). Your mind is a dream in which a thousand people speak at the same time and no one gets along. It`s the state of the human mind – a great mitote, and with this great mitote, you can`t see what you really are.

That can be a strong language, if we agree. First of all, our attention is addictive. And because energy goes where attention goes, we give strength where we pay attention.