Patrick Stevedores Enterprise Agreement

MUA Secretary of State Paddy Crumlin, who had proposed a two-year amendment to the existing agreement with 2.5% annual wage increases, accused Patrick of offering lower pay increases than other Stevedores. After a long and complex two-year campaign, the Fremantle Stevedores yesterday joined their colleagues across the country and voted more than 95% for the new labour agreement at the four terminals. The new labour agreement also ensures the Stevedores who work for Patrick: the company still needs to obtain a new enterprise agreement with the union and therefore risks seeing the union action resume in November. · Wage increases of 2.5 per cent per annum, including sign-on-bonus bonuses and additional payment effective when the previous agreement expires in July 2015. DP World AustraliaOn Wednesday, July 29, DP World Australia (DPWA) said they “have not been able to reach an agreement with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), which … Protected Industrial Action (PIA) at DPWA Terminals. “In addition, the union did not offer any productivity improvements. When we started these discussions 12 months ago, we put on the table increases of 3 per cent a year, provided that we could revise the previous agreement and move the union away from trade union actions. After a marathon two-day conciliation with Patrick Stevedores, the Maritime Union of Australia pledged on Thursday to lift its overtime bans and remove planned work stoppages at the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle terminals. “The new agreement marks a turning point in waterfront employment and hopefully a new beginning in the relationship between Patrick and his collaborators,” Tracey said.

“Under the new agreement, not only did all of our workers achieve 100% lifespan in all four terminals, but they also obtained critical safety and security provisions regarding their schedules and work schedules – for the first time since the Patrick conflict in 1998,” tracey said. “This is the best stevedoring agreement we have seen in many years in Australia, having tried to address key employment security concerns for UAG members from the outset. After 12 months of negotiations on a new enterprise agreement, the MUA distributed strike action at Patrick`s east coast. Hutchison Ports AustraliaOn June 16, 2020, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) approved an amendment to the Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Limited (SICTL) and Brisbane Container Terminals Pty Limited (BCT) and Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) 2015 to insert a schedule 10 for business employment agreements in the SICTL during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The four terminals are struggling to make patrick`s first pay offer in a week – something we haven`t seen in negotiations with the company since enterprise agreement negotiations began in the early 1990s,” he said. “Frankly, enough is enough is enough,” Jovicic said. “We have been in talks for seven months for a new enterprise agreement, and the MUA has been conducting strikes, strikes and work bans for almost a month. Patrick`s request follows a possible new working agreement between the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and rival operator DP World, announced on Friday after nearly two years of negotiations. · protection for employment and job security for all work currently being done.

· Protection for members who are injured outside of work and who offer life support. Stevedoring Patrick`s company has moved to bring its damaging dispute with the shipping union to a climax, cutting a pay offer and giving the union until Friday to accept.