Yacht Purchase Agreement Form

iPad/iPhone (Apple) users must download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the App Store to enter the form and release the file. After downloading the app, simply open the form in Safari on your iPad/iPhone, and then tap on the screen. An aperture option should be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Press “Open in” and then select “Copy in Adobe Acrobat,” from here you should be able to fill out the form and email. Access your forms and documents from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet. Enjoy the freedom to make a market wherever you are. If used correctly, the forms help clarify the terms and agreements between the seller/broker, the buyer/seller and the broker/broker. For co-op sales with other YBAA brokers, you know what to expect from the way the documents are signed. Enjoy the simplicity of entering data only once, and all forms and documents are immediately completed.

No longer fill out and print multiple forms and contracts. With YachtCloser, you can eliminate double effort and spend more time selling boats. We advise you to download an empty copy of the forms and download them to your desktop and fill out the forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE for the free download! If you can`t download the program, we`ve prepared a list of best practices below based on the browser. YachtCloser offers a simple and decisive approach to managing all the forms and contracts necessary to operate your boating and yacht distribution activities. YachtCloser is pre-installed with over 100 different forms and contracts ready for you to start selling boats. In addition to standard yachtCloser forms, we have also partnered with the best broker associations in the country, so members can only access their proprietary forms via YachtCloser. YachtCloser offers its customers an unlimited amount of document memory. Whether you sold this boat one, two or five years ago, you can immediately print documents in PDF format, send them or check them by email. If your client calls a year later to tell them that they need a copy of an agreement with YachtCloser, pass the requested information on to your customer at the touch of a button. YBAA members are encouraged to use the association`s copyrighted standardized contract forms for transactions in the United States and Canada. Each form is designed as an interactive PDF for ease of use.

Safari (Apple) users are advised to fill out your form in preview or Safari, go to the Print menu (cmd-P) and use the PDF drop-down list at the bottom left and choose the option “Save in PDF” … Generating a new “flattened” PDF simply means that all notes (including the data in the form should not be distinguished from the actual content of the PDF file, as if they were part of it all the time).