Electronic Thesis Agreement Form

This simple application will check your thesis for simple errors that require your attention before filing. It can also intercept the smallest error that prevents full transmission (for example. B slight edge errors or excessive space) HKUST Library offers utilities for file conversion and PDF creation in Commons Information (G/F) and Learning Commons (LG1). The library brings together all HKUST works and theses in print and electronic form. You must submit a PDF copy of the approved version of your doctoral thesis. The electronic version must be an exact copy of the printed version. Pdf copy is used in the HKUST Electronic Theses and HKUST SPD database. The institutional repository. The thesis is also presented for indexing and publication in ProQuest`s theses and theses database. A: If you haven`t sent a request to keep the closing information confidential, your final thesis will be published as soon as all library processes are completed. Otherwise, the final version will be published after the confidentiality period has expired. A: For the preparation and formatting of the work, you will find more information rpghandbook.ust.hk/appendices-guidelines-on-thesis-preparation. After passing the final exam, students must submit: A: The HKUST electronic submission form accepts all types of image or video format that you provide with an unlimited file size.

However, please note that downloading extremely important files can cause problems due to network issues or other problems. A: The library no longer offers personal theses. For more information on theses, see rpghandbook.ust.hk/appendices-guidelines-on-thesis-preparation#h. A: In accordance with the University of Intellectual Property directive, students have exclusive copyright on their graduation theses. For more information, visit the libguides.ust.hk/copyright. Q: Are there format restrictions for images or videos in the HKUST electronic thesis submission? Q: What are the conditions for submitting theses? If you have questions about creating a PDF file, take a look at the pdf creation guide or ask for assistance in the Information Commons Help Desk. For more support and troubleshooting, see Creating PDF files for e Thesis-Guide submission Section F. You can use computers on IC/LC to create PDF files from most apps. You have outstanding changes that have not yet been saved.