Hold Harmless Agreement In Italiano

In addition, you accept: WL and its directors, senior executives, members and employees and related companies, and their directors, officers, members and staff of and against the violation of your assurances provided in this Agreement, including any violations of copyright or other intellectual property rights, or other rights of a person or entity or other illegal activities resulting from the translation or transmission of texts or other documents they have provided to WL, be compensated and compensated. DIRECTORS INDEMNIFIF: The association releases each director and agent of the association from all reasonable losses, costs and expenses that it has incurred below in the payment, settlement and defense of claims, actions or lawsuits against him and the unscathed because he is or was or was the director or officer of this type, or because as a director or official, he did or did not act. 9. You must compensate Nordson, keep it unscathed and, at Nordson`s request, protect Nordson from all claims, commitments and expenses (including reasonable fees from lawyers and other professionals) arising from or related to your use of licensed information. You are solely responsible for the content of your contributions on this website and to ensure that IUF and its representatives and collaborators are free of any claims based on the appearance and/or transfer of your contributions. Una-Entsch-digungssklausel é definita come la promessa dell`indeminitor o indemnifier (mallevadore) di indennizzare l`indemnitee (mallevato) della perdita subita o in conseguenza di un determinato evento di cui l`indem responsabile (si pensi alle insurance policy) o in conseguenza di un inadempimento contrattuale dell`indemnitor (pensi all`indemnification collegata alla violazione delle representations and warranties in a contratto di cessione di azioni). Non é richiesta la forma scritta per the validity dell`denn indemnity and hold harmless clause che potré, quindi, essere concludes anche oralmente. 2.7 The Customer will exempt and unscathed the Company from any damage, including fees, in violation of Article 2.4(iii) to third parties with respect to claims or actions contrary to an advertisement placed by the Customer. You are responsible for compensating and compensating DS SolidWorks and its subsidiaries, related companies, executives and employees of and against all claims, actions or actions arising from your use of the Software and/or your documentation or violation of this Agreement.

Notwithstanding the above content ban, you may be exposed to such information or material, in which case you agree to remain unscathed and agree not to prosecute ZAINOO for such exposure and any violations that result. If you use our services on behalf of a company, that company agrees to these conditions. It compensates Google and its affiliates, executives, representatives and employees and compensates for claims, lawsuits or proceedings arising from the use or violation of these conditions, including any liability or any costs resulting from claims, losses, damages, judgments, legal fees and legal fees. By accessing the Site, you undertake to retain, protect and defend tod`s, its subsidiaries and affiliates, employees, directors and shareholders, against any claims of third parties, damages, losses, costs, costs (including legal and legal costs that are reasonably sustainable) arising from your use of the Site or in connection with the website in question. PARA, finds sun compensation before all claims, actions, costs and liabilities resulting from a real or alleged violation, infringement or misuse of patents, copyrights, trademarks or other property rights, whether in or abroad, when using, leasing, importing and/or selling partial or partial literature (except the amount developed by SUN) or some of them (including the use, rental, importation and/or sale of parts)